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Beard Transplant With DHI

Direct hair implant ( DHI ) is a high-end hair transplantation procedure that can be performed in advanced hair clinics and hospitals. Beard and mustache transplantation procedures can also be performed by using the DHI method. Beard transplant with DHI has been very popular for the last years because the beard has been the new trend for men. People always want to catch up with trends even if they require aesthetic, plastic, and cosmetic surgeries to be performed.

Mustache and beard transplantation procedures can also be performed with the follicular unit extraction ( FUE ) method. However, the only factor that determines the success rate of the procedures is the skills of your surgeon. DHI procedures involve robotic calculations over hair follicles’ plantation angle and depth. That’s DHI is considered the best hair transplantation procedure which provides the best natural appearance as well.

Beard transplant with DHI can be a way more expensive than FUE procedures. However, if you can afford a DHI, it’s best for you to get it. FUE procedures are also good but not all the surgeons have the same skills so you should be very careful when choosing your hair transplantation surgeon.

FUE is the most preferred beard transplantation method because it can be performed in almost every type of aesthetic clinic and hospital. The prices are mostly affordable and those who would like to visit other countries for such purposes generally prefer FUE beard transplantation. Most experts say that FUE beard transplantation procedures are a way better because hair follicles plantation on the face is not as hard as it is on the scalp.

After DHI beard transplantation, most patients can return to their work the day after the procedure. Full beard density recovery may take up to 3-4 months. However, this may reach up to 7-8 months if patients suffer from shock hair loss.

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