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Benefits of Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Istanbul, the biggest city in Europe has long been the bridge between eastern and western civilizations. It has become the biggest health tourism destination for recent years. Hair transplantation procedures in Istanbul have a great share in this tourism industry. There are numerous benefits of hair transplantation in Istanbul. The number one reason for tourists to choose Istanbul for health tourism is money.

Hair transplant clinics in Istanbul are generally associated with their low-prices for the procedures. It is noted that a standard hair transplant procedure ( FUE or DHI ) is almost 5 times cheaper in Istanbul. However, the number of people who are very suspicious about these hair transplants because of their low prices is also high.

The cheap price on hair transplantation in Istanbul is a result of the currency value difference between the Turkish lira and the currency values of some western countries. This does not mean that hair transplantation procedures in Istanbul are cutthroat ones.

Besides, you can personally check the before and after photos of previous visitors to hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul. You can personally convince yourself that they perform the best hair transplantation procedures. You can check over 350 aesthetic clinics located in Istanbul and decide which one is good for you.

Istanbul is mostly known as the capital of Turkey. This is a common misconception because the city was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire. However, the new Turkish state declared that Ankara was going to be the new state’s capital. However, Istanbul is still considered the real capital of Turkish civilization.

You can enjoy the numberless historical places that are located in every corner of the city. Most people prefer summertime for aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic procedures. They also enjoy the 3-4-star hotels in Istanbul during their visit. We do not even find it necessary to mention the perfection of these hotels, you can personally visit their websites and check all the rooms.

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