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Best Foods for Hair Growth

Hair is one of the most important parts of appearance for men and women. The fact that your hair is strong and healthy can actually be an indication that you are healthy. The health of your hair is determined by the food you eat. You can have stronger and healthier hair with a few small changes in your diet.

The speed of the growth of your hair may depend on some factors like genetic, health, age, and diet. You can’t change or control your genetic and age, but you can control your diet and health. If you feed yourself with nutrients that can promote your hair growth, you can prevent hair loss and baldness. In this context, we will recommend some foods that may help the growth of your hair.

  • Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, and your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A which is essential for hair health. When you eat a medium sweet potato, which usually 114 grams, you are meeting your daily vitamin A needs more than four times.
  • Avocados are one of the foods that provide you vitamin E which may encourage hair growth. When you eat a medium avocado of about 200 grams, you are meeting 21% of your daily vitamin E needs. As a result of a study, people who suffer from hair loss experienced 34.5% more hair growth after taking a vitamin E supplement for eight months.
  • Sweet peppers also may help the growth of your hair because sweet peppers are a great source of vitamin A and C. Vitamin C helps the production of collagen which may help stronger hair strands.
  • Eggs, meats, and beans are a great source of protein. Protein is an essential nutrient for hair growth. These foods may increase the strength of your hair and also increase the health of your hair.

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