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Curly Hair Transplant

There are numerous types of real hair transplant procedures that can be performed in several countries in the world. However, different methods can be performed on people with different types of hair. For example, you can’t perform the same hair transplant procedures on an Asian and a black person. Asians are so identical with their straight hair which have a high hair density. Black people are identical with their curly hair and the average hair density appearance. Curly hair transplant jobs can be done by using Direct Hair Implant ( DHI ), and Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ) methods.

It is true that some people have more hair than some others. However, we can’t make the same density comparison based on the ethnicity factor. Hair follicles, the little maybe the smallest organs of the body generally have 3-4 hair strands. Black people have 2-4 hair strands in every hair follicle. However, an Asian person generally has 1-2 hair strands in every hair follicle on his / her head. That’s why we think Asians have more hair than the other people. In summary, they have more hair follicles but fewer hair strands in each hair follicles.

A hair transplant surgeon should take the ethnicity factor of her / his patients into consideration while performing the surgeries. A curly hair transplant should be performed with the right calculations of angle and depth of the hair follicles. Poor calculations may cause unnatural results that kill the purpose of hair transplantation procedures.

Curly hair transplantation procedures generally give better results because curly hair covers the possible bald or thin spots after hair transplant. And curly hair is easier to reflect the ethnicity look after the procedures. For example, straight hair follicles extracted from the back of the head of an Asian person may not look the same as the previous hair did once.

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