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Does Menopause Cause Hair Loss

Menopause is a biological process that all women experience at some point in every woman’s life, especially after the age of late 40. During the menopause process, you may experience some hormonal and physical changes. Your body will decrease the production of some hormones like estrogen, and it will start to produce a group of male hormones. All these activities may lead to some visible changes in your body. Hair loss is one of these visible changes in your body.

Hair loss experienced during menopause is usually caused by hormonal changes. Before the menopause process, your hormone levels are usually balanced, and your hair was shiny and perfect. But hormonal fluctuations may cause hair loss, thinning hair, or baldness. In this process, hair loss by thinning is seen rather than bald areas. Usually, you may notice hair loss from the front, side, and top of your hair. These hormonal changes may force more hair to enter the shedding phase than normal.

What should you do to prevent it?

Eating healthy food is the most beneficial way to prevent hair loss during menopause. You need to consume foods that contain what your body and hair follicles need. You should consume lots of water not only during menopause but also all the time. Your body needs an activation more than ever, you should walk long distances and prepare yourself a good fitness plan. You should find yourself a doctor who’s an expert on these situations and try to balance your hormonal changes with your doctors’ help.

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