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Exercising After A Hair Transplantation

Doing exercise regularly is an essential activity to live healthy and longer. But, after a hair transplantation procedure, you should definitely take a break to get the best results from the hair transplant procedure. Well, when exactly can you start your exercise program?

Hair transplantation is a serious procedure. Therefore you need to pay attention to aftercare procedures of the hair transplantation to get the greatest results. Experts recommend that proper aftercare can lead to maintain your new hair follicles. In this process, it is important to take care of your overall health however, you cannot return to your normal physical activities too soon, though. Why?

In the days and weeks following the treatment, hair transplants that have been implanted are extremely sensitive and brittle. As a result, special attention is required to safeguard them, maintain them in place, and allow your scalp to heal properly.

For a variety of reasons, including blood pressure, sweating, and stretching, strength training can be harmful to new hair grafts.

  • Blood pressure: Any increase in heart rate from exercise will raise your blood pressure, and it might increase the risk of bleeding in recipient sites of your scalp, displacing the grafts.
  • Sweating:  Saunas, running, or other cardio exercises that cause sweating may irritate the scalp and damage new hair grafts
  • Stretching: Specific exercises that stretch the back of the neck may apply a stretching force to a FUT scar. 

You shouldn’t do any exercise three days following the hair transplant surgery. After four days, you can start some very light exercise. After ten days of surgery, you can now do some cardio exercise, gym, and weight training. It is possible back to heavy exercises 2 months after the hair transplant surgery.

Overall, while exercise is good for your overall health and transplanted hair follicles in the long run, it might cause major issues for recently transplanted hair grafts in the short run. Filling out the form above will also provide you with further information.

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