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Follicular Unit Extraction Istanbul

Does your balding hair trouble you physically or mentally? You don’t want to see yourself in front of the mirror? Does hair loss seem like an indignant matter for you? Then Istanbul is the right place you should go to benefit the best hair transplantation procedures in the world.

The word “best” includes everything you might think of. From prices to services, from staff to treatment places and equipment, hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul provide you the outstanding after and before surgery services.

Which Method Is Used In Istanbul?

Clinics in Istanbul generally prefer the famous Follicular Unit Extraction Technique. This technique includes the process of extraction of the individual follicles on the donor area of the patient. After the extraction procedures are completed, the removed hail follicles are preserved in cold tanks. This icy section is optional in some clinics but it is also called by another name ” ice graft “.

The clean and icy hair removed from the donor area is planted on the recipient area of the scalp. The patient is administered with local anesthesia before his/her surgical procedures.

Does FUE Method Have Any Side Effects?

There may be swelling, inflammation or pain on both donor and recipient areas because of the surgery or the drugs used for the patient’s treatment. Bleeding is rare according to the best doctors in Istanbul.

If the patient tempers with his/her hair on the donor or the plantation area like pulling them hard, using a very hot hairdryer, etc, interruptions like those may disagree with your recovering scalp.

You should avoid having a bath for 4 or 5 days. Your scars need to complete their early recovery then you may expose your scalp to water. It’s always for your best to balance the water temperature while taking a bath because your donor area and transplantation area are more sensitive in their early recovery state.

Experiencing pain on your scalp is almost inevitable. You always have a chance to feel after your procedure completed. Using proper painkillers will help you overcome your pain but you should take your prescripted drugs only. Your doctor knows the best drug for your situation, so don’t be a hero, don’t take just some painkiller on your own.

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