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Hair Implants Care

Hair implants care is not taken into consideration by many people sometimes. The reason for such a thing is generally associated with the fact that they’re not real hair follicles. People do not take good care of their hair implants because they think they’re already not real so it is not so necessary to take care of them as they do to their real hair follicles. However, they also take damage from the environment and need to stay fresh. These hair follicles will deform in time and they will lose their fresh look for sure.

You can’t use all types of shampoos and hair creams for your hair implants. They are not real hair follicles so you need to use special hair care products and cleaning items. Hair implants may need special cleaning chemicals that are suggested by surgeons.

You should not use curling irons not just because you have hair implants, they are also harmful to real hair follicles as well. Curling irons cause permanent hair loss and hair breakage if they’re used often. Especially women use them a lot to give shape to their hair. That’s why women suffer from hair breakage too much.

Women who have hair implants should also stay away from curling irons. I know many women can’t help themselves using curling irons but staying with straight hair is better than suffering from hair loss or massive hair breakage.

You can get a haircut at a fixed level to cover your hair breakage. However, you should remember that you have hair implants, meaning that your haircut is irreversible. The only way to get longer hair is an additional hair implantation procedure. So it’s for your own good to take good care of your hair implants no matter what costs.

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