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Hair Transplant Before And after

A person who’s been suffering from a balding hair should do a couple of things before a hair transplantation surgery. The first thing he/she should do is a wise choice of surgeon. No matter how good the method is or how advanced the surgical equipment is if you don’t find the best doctor for your operation, you may experience lots of after-surgery troubles. The worst one is the situation in which the hair keeps balding after the recovery period.

One of the other important things that you’re supposed to do is staying sober. Don’t misunderstand our saying, you shouldn’t drink alcohol during your last 24 hours of time before your hair transplantation surgery. You will be administered local anesthesia and a couple of other types of medicine during your procedure, so you should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes before the surgery if it’s possible.

Personal hygiene is a must, not just for your hair transplantation surgery but also for the rest of your life. Modern hair transplantation procedures even include one by one unit extraction ( FUE ) which requires the highest hygiene you could provide to yourself. Clinics generally say that infections are rare but there is no guarantee that they won’t ever occur.

It is always best to know that if you are really in need of hair transplantation. Some people, especially most men are obsessed with hair loss, even if the hair balds very slowly. Making changes to the natural status of your scalp will bring consequences. Your donor area may fail you for the next years if your roots are weak or your hair density is not enough for the extraction process.

If your doctor is a well-known skilled surgeon, he/she would tell you that if your extraction area has the minimum hair density required for hair transplantation operation. A greedy or unskilled doctor would never tell you such a thing just to take your money, so you should be very careful with your choice.

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