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Hair Transplant for Women

Since there is still no certain cure for hair loss, people may want to consider other options to see a good hair density on their scalp. Hair transplant procedures are the most common aesthetic treatments in this field. There a couple of hair transplantation procedures in the market. These procedures can be performed on both men and women. Men are luckier than women when it comes to getting a hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant for women is a trend these days because the number of women experiencing hair loss has been increasing day by day.

Most experts say that it’s always best to perform a hair transplant procedure on a full-shaved scalp. The reason why I prefer to do it this way is mostly associated with surgeons’ comfort during procedures. The other reason is the fact that newly transplanted hair strands generally fall out after some time. These lost hair strands regrow after some time. So experts say that it’s better to perform hair transplant procedures on full-shaved scalps because longer hair strands would already fall out.

A full-shaved head can be seen as a disaster by most women because hair is everything to women. It can be very difficult to accept the full-shaved scalp situation by women, but it is pointless to keep the long hair because hair strands in the hair transplantation area will fall out and no one would want to experience such a thing.

Hair transplantation failure cases are not so many when it comes to speaking of women’s hair transplants. Most women who are hit by female pattern baldness have stronger hair follicles at the back of their heads. These hair follicles have survived from female pattern baldness and will be just fine in their new places as well.

A woman should not interfere with her hair for a long time. Especially curling irons should be avoided not just after hair transplant, but also for the rest of her life. They are very harmful to hair strands.

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