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Synthetic Hair Transplant

Synthetic Hair Transplant is actually nothing more than a prosthesis hair transplant. If the person who’s been suffering from a balding head is out of choice, he/she may eventually think of a synthetic or artificial hair transplant procedure. The procedure involves the plantation of artificial hair fibers on the recipient area of the patient.

This method was banned in the past for a couple of times because of numberless complications. However, with the massive technological developments in the aesthetic world, some clinics started offering such procedures today.

What is Artificial / Synthetic Hair Transplant?

The procedure simply involves the artificial hair strands’ plantation. The surgeon opens microchannels with the help of an implanter. After the individual fibers are planted on the recipient area, the body is expected to create connective tissue, it typically tries to close the microchannels that we know as ” healing “.

The hair fibers are shielded by an anti-bacterial plating. The body may see these hair fibers as a threat to the body and try to run its immune system. This is considered the main problem with the artificial hair transplantation technique. Even today, doctors can’t guarantee that the won’t be any complications causing by infection.

This method is an expensive one compared to other hair transplantation methods like FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction ) or FUT ( Follicular Unit Transfer ). The doctors say that the artificial hair fibers start to deform day by day and become a completely unnatural-looking prosthesis hair after one year.


If we call an artificial hair transplant procedure successful, this means that the patient’s body seems to have accepted the hair fibers. But this may change during time, all the fibers planted on the scalp are seen as individual objects by the body, some of them may be rejected by the person’s immune system sometimes.

Chemicals used to give a style to the hair and hairdryers damage the fibers. This kind of hair needs extra care, so you should not even interfere with it by hard-pulling or pushing it.

Inflammations are generally associated with infections. If the hair units are infected, inflammations are inevitable.

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