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Hair Transplant Istanbul Accommodation

Istanbul, the capital of Turkey which is a bridge between eastern and western civilizations is a city famous for health tourism in the area. So what does the term ” Health Tourism ” mean? Health Tourism is used to define people’s visiting another country for medical treatments, generally for aesthetic purposes.

Istanbul has a population of nearly 16 million. There are a huge number of refugees from many eastern countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaycan, and most lately Libya. These refugees are not considered as Turkish citizens so Istanbul’s true population is believed to be over 20 million.

Having been influenced through centuries by every part of the world, Istanbul has become the center of many industries. Aesthetic surgeries and hair transplantation procedures are very famous in the eyes of Europeans, especially the British people.

The people living in Britain have a great interest in Turkish Hair Transplantation Clinics. They must have liked them so much that an Irish celebrity has become the U.K. director of a famous hair transplantation center in Istanbul after he received a beard transplantation procedure in the same clinic.

If we mention the word ” tourism ” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Hotel! Hotels are one of the most important things that you visit some foreign country for any reason. Since you won’t be staying there too long, you would want your hotel services to be the best.

During your hair transplantation or any other aesthetical surgery procedures, most Clinics in Istanbul use an ” all-in-one ” marketing method. This means that you are charged just once for your aesthetic treatment, accommodation and transportation expenses. Let’s say you pay €3.000 before your procedures, and that is the only money you would pay for your little journey in Istanbul.

Clinics generally make deals with nearby hotels. Don’t worry, there are numberless hotels located in Istanbul and you’re kind of guaranteed that your hotel is located somewhere you can simply walk to.

Your accommodation is provided by 4 or 5-star hotels and I think I don’t need to tell you about the greatness of hotels in Istanbul cause you already know how beautiful they are.

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