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Washing Hair With Hot Water

Most people always think that hot water is the best for their health. This is partly true because you can’t ignore the fact that cold water is also good for health, maybe it’s better for health. Hot water relaxes your body by loosening your skin pores. This gives you a relaxation time and makes you get rid of your tiredness. However, washing hair with hot water is not exactly how it seems to you…

Washing hair with hot water will cause your hair follicles to loosen. Especially when you expose your body to hot water too long during the shower, hair follicles will lose themselves. This may cause weak hair follicles to fall. If you take shower very often and use hot water for that, this will not only cause your hair follicles to loosen themselves but also cause dryness on your scalp.

If you want to take a hot water shower, you need to do it quickly. Once you lose a hair follicles, you lose it forever. So, you need to consider that every hair follicle is important for you for the rest of your life.

A coldwater shower is actually the opposite. Coldwater tightens your hair follicles and protect you from further hair loss. Most dermatologists and hair transplantation surgeons suggest cold water showers for their patients that suffer from hair loss.

In summary, cold water is a way better for your hair follicles when it comes to making a comparison with hot water. However, if you wash your hair too often whether, with cold or hot water, you will cause extra dryness on your scalp so it’s always best to fix your shower schedule.

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