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What Is The Best Treatment For Hair Loss?

Some say you should accept your nature and let it go, some say fight with it and get your new brand hair. Hair loss in early ages is maybe one of the biggest problems of men. For centuries, men tried to prevent hair loss by using alternative medical methods. But in the last 50 years, specialists have managed to perform successful hair loss treatment and hair transplantation methods.

Determining which treatment is best for hair loss is a tricky business because some may consider the hair transplantation methods as aesthetical procedures, not as a treatment that cures some disease or illness. Hair Transplantation is a process in which individual hair roots are extracted from a donor of your body ( generally back of the head, on the scalp) and is planted on the recipient area of the patient, after all.

Common Hair-Loss Treatment Methods

Mesotherapy is one of the famous treatment methods performed in most clinics, especially those located in Istanbul, TURKEY. It is the process of administering several vitamins and minerals that hair roots need to feed and regenerate themselves for survival. With the help of an injector, these vitamins and minerals are injected into the scalp where the patient has been experiencing hair loss. Mesotherapy procedures generally need a couple of sections. Patients visit their clinic every day and get their treatment for some time.

Mesotherapy is a success-proven hair loss treatment but generally doesn’t work on patients who have a strong hair-loss problem caused by heredity factors. This procedure requires patience because the sections may take a long time. Every balding person has an adventure of mesotherapy treatment. This is generally considered as one of the first steps that balding persons take as a treatment for their hair loss. Most of the Mesotherapy patients try hair transplantation surgeries later, as well.

Hair Transplantation Methods are considered the most successful procedures for fighting against balding hair. There are also robotic instruments used for calculating the angles and deepness of the extraction process during the procedure. Hair Transplantation treatments are suggested to almost everyone who suffers from hair loss.

Istanbul is considered to the mainland of the best hair transplantation surgeons and is also famous for the cheap prices comparing to the clinics located in Europe or the United States. Celebrities, football players, business people prefer Istanbul for such treatments.

Don’t let the prices’ being cheap misguide you because Istanbul really has the best surgeons in the world. Patients after and before photos are shared with their permission and you can see them when you want to visit almost every Clinic’s photo gallery in Istanbul.

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