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Work-out After Hair Transplant

People always think of the eligibility requirements for a hair transplant procedure in the first. It is true that you need to be eligible for a hair transplant to get it but how you take care of your transplanted hair after the procedure is actually the most important thing in this subject. For example, many people think about the recovery period after the hair transplantation procedure. They start wondering about the time they will be able to go outside, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, have sex, swim, sunbath, and work out. For example, work-out after a hair transplant is an important subject and you need to be very careful with the time you work-out then.

The most important period after a hair transplant is actually the early days of recovery. Your scalp is wounded, your hair follicles are trying to attach to your scalp more, and your donor area is also wounded and too sensitive for environmental changes. You need to be extra careful during the early days of hair transplant recovery. After some scabs show up on your scalp, this means that your early recovery is finished.

You can now gently wash your hair and sleep in a position that you like. So, what about work-out and fitness? I’m sorry to say this but you’re not allowed to do things that could make your scalp sweat. You should stay away from them for at least 2 months because forcing your scalp to sweat like that could be very dangerous and may result in a hair transplant failure.

You should also avoid exposing your scalp to sunlight for some time. It is always best to cover your head with a hat. Use a loose hat so that your scalp feels comfortable in it. Compressed hats can also make your scalp sweat so you should also avoid them.

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