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DHI Benefits

There are tens of hair transplantation procedures on the aesthetic market. People can choose these hair transplantation procedures which have different surgery principles and prices. For example, a direct hair implant is considered the most advanced hair transplantation procedure in the world. DHI procedures can only be performed in high-end aesthetic clinics and hospitals. There are a couple of DHI benefits, however, its price is not among them.

Direct hair implant involves a special implanter device’s use during the hair follicles plantation process. This special implanter device opens the smallest microchannels which are required for the plantation process. Direct hair implant procedures are also noted for the robotic calculations including the angles and depth of the hair follicles that are going to be planted. The whole hair transplantation job is performed with the ultimate tech and skill.

The reason why a direct hair implant is the best hair transplantation procedure is generally associated with the natural results that it provides. Direct hair implant procedures are considered better than follicular unit extraction ( FUE ) procedures in terms of giving the most natural results.

However, the most important benefit of DHI is generally associated with the hair transplantation procedure’s recovery period. Since DHI’s implanter opens the perfect microchannels for the hair follicles, DHI patients are mostly expected to recover from these wounds faster. Faster and better recovery from a hair transplantation procedure is a good reason for people to choose DHI procedures.

However, such good high-end equipment and advanced hair clinics and hospitals will cost you more than a standard FUE procedure. DHI procedures are also noted for their high prices. They can not be performed in every kind of aesthetic clinic and hospital. However, those who can afford such a perfect hair transplantation procedure should not hesitate to take it. Especially those who are not able to spare anytime for a hair transplantation procedure consider getting a DHI procedure, mostly.

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