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DHI Hair Transplant Timeline

If you wonder about the DHI hair transplant timeline, we got it covered in this guide. Below, you can find the timeline for before and after the operation. Do not miss your chance to check these out for detailed information about the operation. You can also get more information about the DHI hair transplant timeline by filling out the form.

Before the DHI Hair Transplant

You need to get prepared for the DHI hair transplant operation at least three weeks before the operation date. Here are the details:

3 Weeks

If you are a smoker, you need to quit smoking at least three weeks before the operation.

1 Week

You need to quit blood-thinning medications, drinking, and herbal supplements.

A Day

You need to stop eating and drinking at least 8 hours before the operation.

After the DHI Hair Transplant

Aftercare is one of the most important procedures for quick recovery and great results. Here are the details:

1 Day

You are going to suffer swelling in the operation area and may feel pain. Your surgeon will prescribe painkillers.

2 Days

The pain will be mild, and you can still use the prescribed painkillers to relieve yourself.

5-7 Days

You will not feel any pain at all but there may be mild swelling. You are going to have some scabs in the operation area.

2 Weeks

Your hair follicles will start to grow. You should not neglect your hair and scalp care recommended by your surgeon.

1 Month

You are going to lose all the transplanted hair. This is a natural process and new and stronger hair will grow in the area.

3-4 Months

You are going to enjoy your new image and fully recover.

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