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DHI Hair Transplantation Problems

Direct Hair Implantation ( DHI ) is an advanced hair transplantation procedure that is similar to Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ). DHI procedures are considered the most advanced and the best hair transplantation by most. However, even a high-end hair transplantation procedure like DHI may have some negative features. The number of DHI hair transplantation problems is not so high when it’s compared to other common hair transplant procedures like FUE, however, they do exist.

A direct hair implantation procedure is very similar to FUE in terms of its working principles. Candidates’ own existing hair follicles are extracted and planted on the recipient area. DHI procedure sessions generally take less time than FUE procedures. Thanks to robotic calculations of hair follicles’ depth and angles, DHI procedures provide the best natural look to its candidates. This is the most important thing which makes the DHI procedure the perfect hair transplantation procedure.

However, there are some problems with DHI hair transplantation procedures. The biggest problem with DHI is its price. DHI procedures are quite expensive when they are compared to other hair transplantation procedures like FUT and FUE. Depending on the number of the sessions, the prices for DHI procedures can even reach very high levels.

People who can’t undergo a DHI procedure in their country because of financial reasons may want to visit other countries like Turkey or Pakistan. Some hair transplantation clinics in those countries are able to perform good DHI procedures. This actually another problem with DHI procedures. Not all the clinics in the world are able to perform DHI procedures. Advanced hair transplantation clinics with high-end equipment can perform DHI procedures only.

However, health tourism is a miracle of the aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic world. Every person can visit another country in order to get a good DHI procedure. The best thing about health tourism is that the prices for procedures are cheaper than those performed in your country.

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