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How To Get Thicker Hair

You have no idea how many hair thickening methods there are. There are hair growth pills, lotions, creams, and medical procedures that are considered effective against hair loss. How to get thicker hair can be very tough if a person does not know what kind of hair loss he/she’s been suffering from.

The most common hair loss type is male pattern baldness, there’s no doubt for that. Male pattern baldness can hit someone in every age after puberty. We may even witness people who suffer from male pattern baldness when they’re just high school boys.

However, all of the natural methods that are considered effective against male pattern baldness are not actually effective. Male pattern baldness is irreversible because lost hair follicles can not be revived. Once a hair follicle’s gone, it’s really gone.

The only way to thicken the density of thinning hair is a possible and real hair transplantation procedure. Since the hair follicles from the back of the head are resistant to male pattern baldness, they will be just fine on the hair loss area.

However, there is always a chance of failure in some cases when it comes to considering getting a medical procedure like hair transplantation. Some surgeons warn their patients for a possible post-hair transplant hair loss. Some of the transplanted hair strands may fall after the procedure, so additional hair transplantation sessions may be needed.

People are expected to undergo hair transplantation procedures with knowing that truth. Besides, there are some factors that may affect the success rate of a hair transplantation procedure. Age is an important factor because a very young and old people can experience further hair loss even after their hair transplantation procedure.

Those who are okay with short hair can consider getting a scalp micropigmentation procedure. This procedure provides an appearance as if people have a good hair density on their heads.

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