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Hair Transplant Healing Time

Hair transplantation procedures are generally performed in a single session. This means that your procedure is completed in a single day and you do not have to visit your surgeon for additional procedures in the future. However, hair transplant healing time generally takes a really long time when the hair growth process is taken into consideration.

If you want to undergo a hair transplant procedure, you need to know that you will have to wait for a really long time to see some results. Your hair transplant wounds will recover within 2 weeks but you will suffer from some kind of typical complication after that.

This typical complication is called “shock hair loss”. You will probably lose all of your transplanted hair strands sometime after your hair transplant procedure. Some people do not suffer from shock hair loss while some just lose all of their transplanted hair.

However, in all cases, the lost hair strands will grow again mostly. If a massive amount of lost hair strands do not grow back, this is called a “hair transplant failure”. It is always possible when it comes to getting a procedure since it’s an invasive medical procedure after all.

If you want faster and better healing from hair transplant wounds, you need to do certain things. You should protect your scalp from the sun and water during the early days of recovery. If you do not want extra scars or wounds on your body you should do this. Exposing your scalp to sunlight may result in permanent damage like a hair transplant failure.

You need to cover your head with a hat or some other accessory to prevent sunlight exposure. Once your scabs start falling, this means that the dangerous recovery period is over.

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