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Boost Your Hair Growth

The number of hair follicles you can have in your entire life is around 5 million. Almost 100.000 follicles of those are on your scalp. If we talk about in terms of hair loss, we can say that it is normal to losing hair around 50 to 100 hairs a day.

Hair Growth Process

Usually, hair grows from a root at the bottom of a follicle under your skin. These follicles supplied by the blood in your scalp and bring oxygen and nutrients to the hair root. These elements are essential and help your hair grow. While hair grows, it will drive through the skin and pass by an oil gland. There is a quick fact that these oils make your hair soft and shiny.

What Should You Do Boost Your Hair Growth?

Although the methods mentioned below will not grow your hair at once by touching the magic wand, it will greatly contribute to the growth process of your hair.

  • We can’t control everything that affects our hair growth. But we can avoid things that may cause impaired growth and increased fallout. According to Dr. Lindsey Bordone, a dermatologist, “Restrictive dieting can decrease resources and nutrients needed for hair growth, and since hair growth is a relatively low priority compared to other bodily functions, hair growth is halted quickly when your body is placed under stress due to restrictive dieting. Even after resuming a healthy diet, hair shedding usually goes on for a period of months.
  • The other thing you can do to boot your hair growth is trying caffeine-infused products. Because caffeine does not only give an energy boost but also affects hair growth-promoting.
  • Also, you can use some oils. These essential oils not only help promote hair growth but also smells good.
  • You can use some medicines to boost your nutrient profile such as biotin, vitamin C, D, and E.
  • You can massage your scalp. This message leads to blood flow in your head and it will help your hair growth.

All in all, although there is no magical formula to speed up your hair growth, you can boost your hair growth and heath your hair with these easy steps. If you still concerned about your hair loss you can contact your doctor or us.

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