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Hair Transplant Itching

People from every side of the world visit other countries for hair transplantation procedures. They would like to visit a health tourism destination like Turkey to get their dream hair. Hair transplant surgeons of today do not the same mistake that previous surgeons did and there are very few hair transplant failure cases happening every year. Since it’s an invasive aesthetic procedure, one can’t simply ignore the fact that there will be always complications related to hair transplant procedures. For example, hair transplant itching is a famous one and could very annoying for some patients.

Itching caused by scabs over your scalp and should be seen as indicators of your healing process. Scabbing simply means that your scalp is healing itself, your individual hair follicles will grow these scabs to cover the wounds. It generally takes 5 days for these scabs to reach their final stage. After that, you may be shocked after seeing your scalp’s appearance. Even its look may want to scratch your hair. There is a high chance for you to suffer from severe itching over your scabbing scalp. No matter how bad it gets, you should not scratch it, you should not even touch it.

When Hair Transplant Itching Goes

The answer to this question depends on how long your early recovery will take. Early days of scabbing will not last forever for sure, you should be very patient for the first 5 days of recovery though.

When your scabs start to fall out, this means that your skin has mostly healed itself. Your itching may continue for some time but it will not be as severe as it was this time. Your hands are full of microorganisms and germs, you should never contact your scalp with your fingers and nails.

If your itching does not leave you, you may want to see your hair transplant surgeon for prescription lotions, creams, or drugs for your situation.

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