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Quick Hair Growth

Some people just want to make their hair grow faster than normal because of several reasons. They may want to see their long-haired style as soon as possible or they may have a job that requires long hair. However, not all people’s hair grows in the same amount of speed. People may want faster growth on their scalp and look for some remedies for this situation. Quick hair growth can be possible with several hair care products, lotions, creams, and drugs.

Minoxidil is famous for its hair growth effects on the scalp. However, this kind of effect may not be considered a success over the growth job because it has a different working principle. Minoxidil is mostly suggested after hair transplantation procedures.

There is no certain cure for hair loss for sure. There is also no product or medical procedure that causes your scalp to create new hair follicles. However, products like minoxidil make your weak and little hair follicles grow bigger and longer and increase the hair density on your head.

Minoxidil also affects your strong hair follicles by increasing the speed of their growth. Not all the experts and doctors suggest products like minoxidil because it does not promise a permanent and total success.

The reason why experts are not that much okay with the success rate of minoxidil is generally associated with the post-medication process. If you start using minoxidil, you will have to use it forever because your hair follicles go little and small once you stop using it.

Not all people have the patience to use minoxidil forever. Some experts think that minoxidil also interrupts with the nature of the hair follicles and may cause further hair loss instead of hair growth.

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