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Coconut Oil For Hair Loss

Coconut oil is probably the most famous hair care product on the market. Both men and women prefer products with coconut oil in it because it’s a scientific fact that coconut oil has the best ingredients for hair growth. Since people always look for natural ways to take care of their body or hair, this makes coconut oil the number one priority for such a course. Many people use shampoos and hair creams with coconut for hair loss because of its hair growth effects on the scalp.

If you want to do something about your hair loss, you need to first find out what is the real reason behind the hair fall. For example, some hair loss types like high-stress hair loss can be reversed or stopped because it’s not hereditary. If your hair loss is transferred via heredity, that’s a real problem and we call it ” male pattern baldness”. It’s also seen as “female pattern baldness”.

If you have one of those, coconut oil will not be any help because you will lose your hair for sure. It may slow down the speed of your hair loss but can’t prevent what is inevitable. A hair transplant procedure is probably the best thing you can do about it if you want to see some hair on your head again.

You should not use too many coconut oil products if your hair is too oily. And the oily head is the result of intense work of your scalp. Your scalp produces a special oil for your hair follicles feeding. This may make you want to wash your hair more than you needed which may result in dryness. Dryness also causes hair loss.

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