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Slow Hair Growth After Transplant

Slow hair growth after a hair transplant is one of the most annoying things that is associated with such hair restoration procedures. A hair transplant candidate should know the fact that he will inevitably suffer from a specific type of temporary hair loss called “shock hair loss”. after the hair transplant surgery. Since it’s almost inevitable, the full hair growth takes months after the procedures.

Hair growth after hair transplantation surgery is very slow because the planted hair follicles require quite a long time to adapt to their new places. Some experts say that it may even take up to 15 months for newly transplanted hair follicles to fully grow.

Some people may not take the best care of their wounded scalp. They do not eat reconstructive foods to help the scalp speed up its recovery. Doctors may suggest hair growth products like minoxidil or finasteride, however, such products are not called fully effective on any kind of hair growth situation.

Such products affect the little and weak hair follicles and make them grow longer and bigger. They are mostly suggested because of their topical effect on the scalp. They are mostly suggested to those who do not have so much hair density even after a hair transplant procedure.

The bad thing about such hair growth procedures is that their effect disappears when people stop using them. The boosted hair follicles return to their previous little and weak statuses. This situation makes the success rate of such products debatable.

Slow hair growth does not mean it’s bad. However, people can be a bit impatient after a hair transplant procedure and may want to see fully-grown hair in short-term periods. This can get a bit annoying considering that they’ve been living as bald people for a really long time…

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