Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Does My Health Insurance Cover Hair Transplant?

People may want to try to push their chances when it comes to receiving health coverage. For example, there are even people who wonder if an aesthetic operation is covered by health insurance. Here’s the deal, aesthetic procedures, and most plastic surgery types are not covered by health insurance. What about those who want hair transplantation procedures? You may want to ask this question to yourself: “Does my health insurance cover hair transplant?”.

There is no insurance company that covers hair transplantation surgery expenses. Baldness does not badly affect your health. It may cause depression, but it does not cause physical problems in your body.

However, if you suffer from a serious disease that caused massive and permanent hair loss, you may demand a possible hair transplantation procedure from your health insurer but there is no guarantee that they’d approve such a thing or not.

Hair Transplants are Too Expensive, What Should I Do?

Hair transplants are too expensive, it’s true if you live in London. London has the most expensive clinics in the world. It’s true that hair transplant clinics in London can do good hair transplant jobs. However, you can also get a good-quality hair transplantation procedure in Turkey for a really cheaper price.

You may be surprised when you learn that hair transplant procedures in Turkey are 5 times cheaper in Turkey than those in London. Some people may claim that Turkish clinics perform cutthroat procedures. However, such smear campaigns are run by competitions. People try to steal each other’s, potential patients.

If you don’t know what to do before getting a hair transplant, you can start with a good internet search. You can see before and after photos of hair transplant clinics in Turkey. You do not remember that Turkish clinics offer packages which include the procedure cost, lodging, and airport transportation fees. You pay for the package for once and all those expenses are covered with that money.

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