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FUE Hair Restoration

Follicular unit extraction or FUE hair restoration involves repairing damaged hair strands and follicles with the FUE method. People may not always lose a complete part of their hair. Areal hair loss can be seen in so many people. Damaged hair strands and hair follicles can also be replaced with the help of hair transplantation procedures like FUE and DHI ( direct hair implant ).

Damaged or dead hair follicles are extracted with the help of the surgical pen, and fresh, strong hair follicles are planted on the recipient side. FUE procedures are very famous for their success in providing natural results. Hair restoration made with the help of FUE also provides the same natural appearance to the patients. Most people do not want to undergo full-shave hair transplant procedures.

There may be several reasons for that. Some people may not want to go outside, and some may have a job that requires some ” hair ” on the scalp. FUE hair restoration can be performed without shaving the head completely. However, it’s always the best for both candidates and surgeons to choose full-shave hair transplant procedures because it does provide the best comfort to both of them.

FUE Facts

FUE is the most performed hair transplantation surgery in the world today. FUE can be performed with or without shaving the head completely. The risk of complications are not soo many. The risk of a hair transplant failure is also very low.

There are lots of people who’ve been carrying out smear campaigns against clinics in countries like Turkey, Pakistan, India, and Iran. They claim that those clinics carry out cutthroat hair transplantation jobs. However, that’s not true. A cheap hair transplantation surgery does not mean that it’s cutthroat.

This whole ” cheap ” situation is about the financial size of these countries. You buy a hair transplant 5 times cheaper because you can also have a cup of coffee five times cheaper in those countries.

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