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Receding Hairline in Women

Almost every woman is in love with her hair. Most women are generally associated with their long hair which is considered a symbol of femininity. Women are also noted for their strong hair follicles meaning that most women live without any kind of hair loss if they treat their hair well during their life. However, even women may experience a serious hair loss like female pattern baldness which can be observed with a receding hairline in women’s frontal heads.

Female pattern baldness is the feminine version of male pattern baldness meaning that it is transferred via heredity. Women do not suffer from female pattern baldness as harsh as men do. Besides, women like playing with their hair by using several products and tools to give a certain shape to them. For example, curling irons are very famous tools to provide a curly look to women with straight hair.

Curling irons have the same working principles as irons, you simply iron your hair to give it the desired shape. This process highly damages the hair strands and make them eventually fall. These tools also make the rest phase of your hair to last longer than usual. Every 3 years, your hair enters a rest phase in which you lose more hair than usual. The rest phase of your hair is supposed to last for 3 months and you are also supposed to recover your loss in time.

The rest phase may last longer than expected based on external factors and mostly because of female pattern baldness. However, you should take good care of your hair when you realize that your hair has entered its rest phase. The hair loss you experience more than expected will not be recovered by your body.

Receding hairline in women can be fixed with hair restoration procedures. Enough hair follicles are extracted just like in a standard hair transplant procedure and planted on the frontal head where the person is suffering from hair loss.

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