Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Hair Replacement

Hair loss is one of the biggest problems in this century. Many people, especially men suffer from hair loss types like male pattern baldness. And there has been an increasing rate of the people diagnosed with male or female pattern baldness in recent years. There are a couple of common ways to fight against a thinning hair situation. However, most of them are not success-approved. However, there are a couple of hair replacement procedures that can be very effective in your thinning hair.

If you want to get a good hair replacement procedure, real hair transplantation is the best you can get. All the other hair replacement procedures like artificial hair implantation can not give the natural look on patients’ faces like real hair transplant surgery can.

A real hair transplant can provide a real hair density on your hair loss area. There are a couple of eligibility requirements for a real hair transplantation procedure but the most important one is generally associated with the hair density on the donor area.

The donor area is mostly designated to be the back of the head meaning that the hair follicles in the back of your head are going to be extracted and planted on your recipient side ( where your hair is thin ).

You need to have enough hair follicles in your donor area if you want to undergo a hair transplant procedure. If you do not have enough hair follicles there, you will not be qualified for it. There are many hair transplant failure cases in which overharvesting of the back of the head resulted in an exhausted donor area situation.

Age, overall health, and skin conditions are also important factors on real hair transplant eligibility, but the primary element is the donor area.

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