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Hair Transplant Consultation

Hair transplantation surgery can be seen as a simple medical procedure by most people. This is a total misconception because hair follicles on your scalp is an independent organ, the smallest organ in your body and each may react differently to medical procedures like hair transplantation procedure. This reaction can be good or bad, so we should actually call it ” a complicated surgery”. Hair transplant consultation for candidates is needed because this procedure is more than just a hair follicle transplantation process.

There may be several reasons for hair loss. The worst and the most common one is definitely “male pattern baldness”. It is transferred via heredity and causes massive hair loss on the scalp for years. However, if you feel like you suffer from hair loss, you need to visit a dermatologist as the first thing to do. He/she will examine your scalp and skin and diagnose your situation.

You should not use any kind of hair loss prevention or hair growth products without your doctor’s knowledge. The number of those who are approved by medical communities is not so high. Most people who suffer fro ma receding hairline or a massive hair loss end up with the idea of possible hair transplantation procedure.

You need to be eligible for a hair transplant procedure first if you want to undergo it. You should have a good hair density on the back of your head because it will be designated as the donor area for your hair transplantation procedure.

Once your own hair follicles are removed from the back of your head, your scalp will not grow that hair on the scalp again. Once they’re moved, they are supposed to grow in your recipient area. Some people even claim that the hair follicle extraction area on the scalp will grow new hair follicles after some time. This is a ridiculous thing to say because once your hair follicles are gone, they’re just gone.

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