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Real Hair Transplant Options

People generally think that a real hair transplant should be the last thing to do when it comes to getting some hair on the scalp again. However, this is completely wrong because a real hair transplant is the best option for a man who suffers from hair loss. There is no approved hair growth method in the world and there are numerous hair transplantation procedures as well. Let’s take a look at some of these real hair transplant options in our post.

When we speak of real hair transplant procedures, follicular unit extraction ( FUE ) and direct hair implantation ( DHI ) are considered the top techniques in the hair transplantation industry. They are generally noted for the naturals results they provide to the patients. Both procedures have different features in terms of prices, session lengths, recovery, and equipment.

FUE is the most preferred hair transplantation technique in the world for sure. People from all over the world prefer FUE procedures because they are cheaper and high-quality as well. FUE procedures are even cheaper if you want to undergo them in a health tourism destination like Istanbul.

Hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul offer procedure packages to the candidates and they organize discounts in specific times, especially in tourism seasons. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the health transplantation industry has been suffering from instability in its financial circulation.

DHI procedures are more expensive than FUE but they are more advanced. They can only be performed in high-end hair transplant clinics. Most health tourism destinations have many high-end hair transplant clinics in which DHI procedures can also be performed for lower prices.

There are other hair transplantation procedures like FUT but they’ve been losing their reputation for some time because FUE and DHI have invaded the hair transplantation industry.

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