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Weak Donor Area Hair Density

You may want to undergo a real hair transplantation procedure because of a severe hair loss on your scalp. You already know that your existing hair follicles will be extracted from your donor area and planted on your recipient area. However, you need to have enough hair follicles on your donor area for your hair transplantation procedure. Wear donor area hair density is a common problem for those who would like to undergo real hair transplant procedures.

Hair transplantation surgeons examine the scalps of their patients before the procedures. They mark the donor areas and recipient areas. They make the calculations for the hair follicle extraction sequence. Hair transplant procedures can be performed in more than just one session.

You should have enough hair follicles at the back of your head. The donor area is mostly designated as the back of the head because hair follicles in there are much stronger than those in the frontal areas. They have proved their strength because these hair follicles managed to survive from male or female pattern baldness.

If you do not have enough hair follicles at the back of your head, you should avoid a real hair transplant procedure even if your surgeon accepts to perform it. You would not want to suffer from an exhausted donor area situation if you undergo a hair transplant without eligibility.

Some people claim that donor area will grow new hair after hair transplant procedures. This is one of the dumbest things ever, if you believe such a thing, then you’re the dumbest person ever, too. It is a transplantation procedure meaning that your hair follicles are moved to another place. Hair follicles are individual organs of your body, your body does not have the ability to grow new hair follicles.

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