Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Which Hair Transplant Is The Best?

Every clinic and its stuff claim that they’re the best, But the hair transplantation process might be a tricky business if you really don’t have any idea on what kind of procedure you’re looking for. First thing you need to do before having a hair transplantation surgery, you need to gather some information about the common procedures, the instruments, sample patients and of course, the surgeons.

Google is the best tool for gathering such information. You just simply Google your terms to learn something and use its Youtube component to watch some sample patient experiences. They are many videos of patients sharing their surgery process details and their hair growth timeline.

For example, FUE short for Follicular Unit Excision or Extraction has been the most famous and successful method in the world. What makes it best is not just the perfectness of the procedures but the prices as well. For example, Istanbul, the leader of the aesthetic surgery and treatments is the number one country in which people prefer having such procedures.

Most people who’ve been troubling by hair loss are impatient. When they want a hair transplant or some treatment for hair loss, they always want these procedures to make a quick effect. Hair Transplantation procedures last 2-3 days but the full recovery generally takes at least 9 months. The first wave of the planted hair on the recipient area is so likely to shed. The planted hair will grow by the roots and the full recovery takes around 9 months.

We’re giving you all of this information based on the famous FUE method. So don’t get confused as you learn new things abut different hair transplantation techniques. The best source of information is always you. You should never stop reading and watching experienced patient’s procedure steps. There is very good stuff on the internet, especially Youtube has spectacular before and after videos from all over the world. Here is a video showing you how successful the hair transplantation procedures in Turkey are:

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