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How Many Hair Transplants Can You Have?

Hair transplantation is the process of extraction of the hair units on a donor area of the scalp and the plantation of these units on the recipient area. Almost all people who suffer from a thinning or balding hair consider getting a hair transplantation surgery, the statistics say. There are lots of questions about hair transplantation procedures waiting to be answered and ” How many hair transplants can you have? ” is one of them. We would like to explain everything related to this question in our post in order to make you clear your mind.

Before you ask the mentioned question above to yourself, you should first figure if you’re a good candidate for a hair transplant surgery or not. You should meet certain requirements for such procedures. So many people experience some side effects because they don’t really meet these requirements, especially smokers and drinkers.

How Is It Done?

If a person suffers from hair loss, the surgeon examines the patient’s scalp for a possible donor area. Usually, the back of the head is chosen as the donor area because it has the strongest hair units and presents the highest hair intensity rate. The doctor determines the best number for grafts to be extracted. There will be no hair growing on the extracted area so both the doctor and the patient should be very careful about the number of the grafts.

As for our main question, the one about the number of hair transplant that we can have, I think we already answered the question. As long as your back of the head is capable of donating hair units you can get as many hair transplants as you can. Nobody would want to be an exhausted donor, if your back of the head is still capable of donating some more hair, you can have another hair transplant of course.

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