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Hair Transplant Went Wrong

Technology has enormously developed for the last years and it has affected every aspect of life in the world. The aesthetic industry, especially hair transplantation methods have also been improved with the help of technology. Demand on hair transplantation procedure has increased as the success stories spreading through all over the world. However, it’s still tricky business and we may have people who may have the worst hair transplantation surgeries ever. Hair transplant failures have typically decreased but we can still see people who don’t know what to do about their spoiled hair.

So how can we call a hair transplantation surgery ” failure “? Here are all the situations that may make us call a hair transplantation procedure “failure” :

The exhausted donor area of the scalp: If you insist on extraction a massive number of grafts from your donor area and your doctor approves this, you may face the exhaustion of your donor area, typically the back of the head.

Unskilled Plantation of Follicles: The follicular units’ ways have to be adjusted in good order. If not, individual hair strands will conflict with each other as they grow up and may damage the hair roots. This situation does not give you any natural look as well.

Style of the new hair: There are several natural styles of hair, for example, some people have a bigger forehead, which means the area between their eyebrows and hair is bigger. If the hair is started planting below the person’s natural forehead line, this will not give the person’s previous natural look. Remember that the FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction or Excision ) is preferred mostly because of the natural results it provides to the candidates.

Other Situations That Shouldn’t Be Considered Failure

  • Bruising, Inflammations, Infections, Swellings are inevitable, if they make you so uncomfortable, consult to your doctor.
  • Scratching may be caused by several reasons, it could be a sign of healing. Since the patient is not allowed to wash his/her hair for a couple of days after the surgery, uncleanness of the scalp surface may make the patient uncomfortable.

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