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How Hair Recovery From Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation has become one of the top-performed plastic surgery procedures in the world. But people who suffer from balding hair still have concerns about getting a hair transplantation procedure. This may have several reasons like procedure length and recovery time. Here are the frequently thought concerns about hair transplantation surgeries which may increase the anxiety around the candidates:

  • The length of the procedure is too long. ( 8-10 hours in a session )
  • The recovery time takes too much time ( about 9 months for full physical recovery)
  • Swellings, bruising, inflammations and infections occur
  • The transplanted hair may fall out
  • The transplanted hair may not grow
  • The transplanted hair may not look so natural
  • There may be scars on my scalp and head

All these questions except for the hair’s being so natural or not and the procedure length are related to the recovery state of the surgery. The recovery quality and length generally depend on the patient’s personal care quality and his/her immune system.

Personal Care During Recovery

If we think of the overall situation here, when the recovery is slow but it’s happening anyway, you should not worry about it because your body gives a slower reaction to your surgical incisions and wounds. If you experience swellings, bruisings, inflammations, and infections, you should consult your doctor and ask him/her for a prescription drug to maintain your comfortability during the recovery. They are almost inevitable for every patient, they’re a part of the procedure actually, so don’t worry. Don’t take drugs on your own or you may experience worse complications than these.

You need to be patient about the recovery time because even the fastest recovery takes at least 8 months. Your newly transplanted hair is likely to fall out after the plantation then starts to grow up again.

As for the after-surgery scars, you need to cover your head with a type of bandage that your doctor suggests to you. Don’t temper with your head and hair strands to prevent complications or infections. Sunlight should be avoided during the early recovery time, one month will be enough.

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