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Synthetic Hair Implant

You have been suffering from a massive hair loss for some time and you think that your only chance is a hair transplant. However, what you think may not be good enough for a hair transplantation eligibility. You need to meet certain requirements for a standard hair transplant procedure. When you’re not qualified for it, you may want to reconsider your options with your surgeon. This is where you may start thinking of a synthetic hair implant job. Synthetic hair implants are especially wigs that are permanently planted on your scalp.

A synthetic hair implant is not really alive hair follicles so they do not need any feeding from your scalp. They are not like real human hair which can also be planted on your scalp like synthetic hair. All synthetic hair implants have durability, this means that they will deform in time. How you care about your synthetic hair is an important factor on extending the durability of your synthetic hair. Since you can’t take care of your synthetic hair as they do take care of real hair implants. Since it’s made of fibers, you need to clean them up with special chemical cleaning products.

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Hair Implants

Today’s synthetic hair implants almost recognizable by most people. This means that they are capable of providing you a good natural look, a real hair look. They also provide you a good deal of hair density which you miss all the time.

They are not as expensive as real hair transplant procedures like a direct hair implant procedure. However, they need more care than real hair. You need to take good care of your synthetic hair because no matter how hard you do it, deformation on it will be inevitable.

You will need to visit your doctor for replacements, damaged, broken synthetic hair strands can be repaired. Considering all the expenses done for synthetic hair implant longevity, they may cost you more than a real hair transplant.

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