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Hair Transplant Facts

Hair transplantation procedures are the most common medical procedures performed in famous health tourism destinations. People mostly prefer other countries to undergo hair transplant procedures. The main reason for such a thing is generally associated with the low-cost high-quality hair transplant procedures performed in those destinations. There are a couple of more hair transplant facts that you may find interesting. Let’s take a closer look at them in our post.

A real hair transplant is definitely the best way to see some real hair on your scalp again. There are a couple of more hair restoration procedures as well but none of them can provide good natural results as a hair transplant can do.

Real hair follicles from the back of the head are extracted and planted on the recipient area. Patients are expected to stay home for 4-5 days and do not wash their head during this period. After that, they can go outside with their bandages on their heads.

If you move your body too often you may suffer from severe swelling during recovery. Swelling is a common hair transplant complication but it’s temporary. You can also suffer from severe itching during recovery. Especially when your scabs start showing up, the itching may get really annoying.

No matter how annoying your itching gets you should not interfere with your hair strands. You are not allowed to touch, pull, or scratch them. You are not also allowed to remove your scabs on your own. They will definitely fall naturally when they have finished their job.

If any of these complications seem like it will not disappear, you can consult your doctor for prescription drugs, creams, and lotions. You should not take any medication without your doctor’s knowledge.

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