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DHI in Istanbul

I’m sure you have heard of DHI, short for the direct hair implant procedure. It is the safest, coolest, and best hair transplantation procedure on the market and can be performed in high-end aesthetic clinics only. Since it involves high-end equipment, you can notice that DHI hair transplant procedures are a bit expensive than other famous methods like FUE, follicular hair extraction. When it comes to your aesthetic look, you should not think of the money that much because it’s always best to get the best.

DHI procedures can be performed even in the poorest countries of the world, like India. However, this does not measure the quality of these procedures. If you visit Istanbul, the so-called capital of Turkey, you can witness the most advanced hair transplantation clinics in the world. DHI in Istanbul is not so much expensive when you make a comparison between the countries’ currency values.

In recent years, there has been a heavy smear campaign against Turkish hair transplantation clinics. These people claim that Turks do cutthroat hair transplant. You can’t hide anything and lie about anything in this business. These swear campaigns are run by the competitions of these clinics. Turkish clinics have badly damaged the reputation of western hair transplantation clinics which led them to run both advertisements and swear campaigns at the same time.

If you are wise and reasonable enough to notice that who’s the liar in this business, you can surely see what’s really going on. Check before and after photos of previous patients. And contact them if you can. It is not an impossible thing to do after all. Once you make sure that you’ve founded your surgeon, you can freely undergo your DHI hair transplant procedure without any problem. It’s the safest and the most successful hair transplant in every corner of the world ever.

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