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Hair Transplant Myths

When it comes to the aesthetic industry, there will be always misconceptions and lies about these procedures. Frauds are almost inevitable because of the fact that there are good and bad people living in the world together. Some clinics and surgeons may run false advertising campaigns to earn more money. And this is where so many hair transplant myths are mentioned among people.

It may be hard to decide if you should consider getting a hair transplantation surgery or not. However, the most important factor when considering hair transplantation surgery is to make a personal search in order to gather overall information about hair transplantation procedures.

Common Misconceptions

  • Hair transplantation gives the best results on young people: This one of the most typical urban legends on hair transplantation procedures. If the patient has a good blood circulation and nutrition on his scalp and meets some basic requirements, then he is eligible for a hair transplantation
  • The transplanted hair will also fall out: There is logic on performing a hair transplant surgery if the transplanted hair will eventually fall out. This is another urban legends because the hair follicles on the back of the head generally don’t suffer the male pattern baldness.
  • Hair transplant procedures are so painful: This common misconception has become an urban legend after some celebrities like Elton John stated that he had been through lots of pain during the extraction of his hair follicles. That was actually at least 40 years ago and today patients are guaranteed to feel no pain during the whole procedure.
  • The donor area is will grow new hair follicles: This is my favourite, and one of the best advertising lies of bad-minded clinics. The donor area will not grow new hair follicles after hair grafts have been extracted from there. Otherwise, people would not be hesitant about hair transplant surgeries at all.

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