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Cheap Hair Transplant In Istanbul

When it comes to getting an aesthetic procedure, you can witness that there are both cutthroat hair transplantation procedures with expensive prices and good ones at cheap prices. The aesthetic world can be so tricky sometimes because some people are very good at running both good advertisement and smear campaigns at the same time.

Especially clinics located in Istanbul have been targeted by smear campaigns run by their competitions. Since the prices for aesthetic procedures in Istanbul are very cheap, some people naturally target them to secure their market. Cheap hair transplant in Istanbul is not something new considering that more than 1.500 hair transplant procedures were performed in only 2019.

You know that the aesthetic industry has taken a big hit from the Coronavirus crisis. It was very normal that operations of aesthetic clinics were going to be suspended by the government until second notice. Since these clinics are the number one destination for international visitors, the risk of Coronavirus infection could not be tolerated. However, the country made a great fight against Coronavirus and the country has entered a massive normalization state by 06.01.2020.

Is Istanbul Risky?

Considering that there are at least 18 million people living in Istanbul, Coronavirus is still out there despite the fast decrease in the COVID-19 case numbers. Besides, no one still enters and exits the country by using international airports. The flights are still suspended but expected to start within a couple of days.

The Turkish government claims that the crisis has been under control and life in Turkey is ready to turn normal. Not just Turkey, but the rest of the world should work harder to make up what the COVID-19 crisis did to the world. This will definitely make Turkish aesthetic clinics offer discounts for their candidates. If I were you, I would definitely watch the news all the time and buy hair transplant packages once the flights start again.

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